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The Caspian 10 Essentials

Learn the strategic mindset that the best producers use to not only create more successful events, creative projects, or business endeavors; but more enriching lives.

Thinking Virtually

Learn how to THINK differently to make sure you succeed in the post-COVID19 era.

Professional Presence & Presentation

Learn how to make your body your ally to give confident, authentic presentations whether it’s onstage, in a board room, or on a video screen.


 5 Minute Event Makeover

Our FREE 3-part series teaches you how to:

  • Become A Valuable Trusted Advisor
  • Get More Budget and Headcount
  • Position Yourself As The One In Charge

2020-2021 Risk Management Mini Course

Learn To Ask The Right QUESTIONS 

With Event Risk Management.

  • Adapt a new mindset around risk.

  • Analyze, monitor, act & control.

  • Insurance, contracts, and contigencies.

  • Are You A...?

    Event Producer,  Event Manager, Event Planner, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Creative

  • Looking For More...?

    Power, Respect, Money, Knowledge, Accountability, Time, Resources, Higher Budgets, Organization 

  • And Tired Of Being....?

    Overworked, Underpaid, and Exhausted

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Clients Include

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This changed my view of event management, especially resourcing and sponsorship. Heather has a talent for engaging people, whilst at the same time delivering informative, relevant cases derived from many years in the industry.

We plan to use this training to impress upon management the importance of investing appropriately in events rather than treating them as just another ‘party’.

Swansea University Training Attendees

Once I started the 10 Essentials Online Course I couldn’t stop - I kept going till the end!  Some of these tools take a lifetime to learn.  Heather turns challenges and failures into the greatest lessons and shows you how to push your way to the top. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants career growth and an enjoyable life.

Fabricio Vargas

Business Development Director

Impacto ED

I've been speaking at, attending, and evaluating conferences and events for over 15 years and I just finished Heather Mason’s 10 Essentials online course and I've learned so much new content and I highly recommend you attend. Did you know that shadow audiences existed and we need to add them into our audience count? Yeah I didn't either, but Heather did.

Devon Davey

Convener, Consultant, Ecosystem Builder

I wanted to express my thanks to Heather for developing the 10 Essentials as they directly helped me secure the project management of a high profile event with my current employer. I was noticed by leadership once I implemented Heather's learnings for a role I was never previously considered for.

Ginny Whitaker

CMP at Rice University

Heather is one of the sharpest – and funniest –executives I’ve ever encountered.

Eduardo Santana

Executive Director Of Pershing Square Renew, Inc. 

This is one of the best professional development sessions I have attended.

Devon Davey

Convener, Consultant, Ecosystem Builder

Heather is tireless, inventive, passionate, knowledgeable and able to articulate marketing theory in simple language.

F. Greene

Director, Marketing & Consumer Service


Every Lesson Is Born Of Pain

We are all looking for advice that is true, that comes from real experience, that has been tested and can work for everyone. 

Though my years spent building a million dollar company - without the help of venture capital or family members with deep pockets - I developed an essential mindset. A mindset that led to effective tactics and workflows that helped me succeed in the real world. 


All of these lessons were born from pain. 

Challenges I have faced in life and business as I have served high-profile clients producing high-stakes events and projects - where my *** would be on the line if things didn’t go just right. 

Until now, I have only shared these lessons with my team and a handful of private clients. I created all the content on this site to help you get the success you desire. We can all have it - I believe in abundance, and I believe that this career and my industry can be one of joy - not stress! 

    Caspian Training delivers engaging, practical courses that help professionals get more power, money, and respect in their careers.